about us

We are passionate about yurt life. For five years, my partner and I have raised our family in a very comfortable off-grid existence tucked away in a special corner of the South Downs National Park. Living in a yurt, one is constantly aware of the rhythms of nature and the changing seasons, but can also enjoy the innovations that technology has to offer the modern off-gridder.


Our own journey into yurt-life began ten years ago with an awe-inspiring trip through Mongolia combined with a yearning to live life in a low-impact, nomadic way here in the UK.  Yurts seemed to offer the perfect answer: a home that was at once spacious, sturdy, snug… and portable. 


Setting about making our first yurt with the most basic of tools or instruction was a painstaking effort on a damp Welsh hillside. However, the very first yurt we lived in was a triumph of effort over refinement and it provided the off-beat housing solution of which we had dreamed.  A constant process of upgrading our own home yurt, making yurts with friends and making yurts for hire evolved the yurtmaking passion into a small business; we are now very grateful to be able to contribute to the economy engaged in a craft which we enjoy as much as ever.


Whether you want to buy, rent, or build a yurt, our advice is based on personal experience and conveyed from the heart, with honesty and passion.