Our yurts

Traditional design, modern techniques.


In the vast grasslands of Central Asia, from Turkey through to Mongolia and China, nomads have lived in yurts for centuries. A traditional Asian yurt would be made using the most suitable local timber, highly decorated and covered in felted sheepswool..  The yurt would house a whole family and be transported according to the grazing needs of the family’s livestock herd. 


Central Asian yurts show great variation in shape, size and decoration, but the fundamental design always remains the same: A central crown is held aloft by numerous rafters which sit on a folding trellis wall which in turn contains the downward pressure of the roof’s weight by means of a taut tension-band attached to a wooden doorframe.


As contemporary UK  yurtmakers we hold a great respect for the craftsmen of Central Asia, and find no reason to alter the fundamental yurt design which has worked well for centuries. However we are excited to be part of a modern trend developing a new vernacular ‘UK-yurt’, suitable for our own climate and conditions Our own style of yurt with its high curved rafters, domed roof and elegant steam-bent crown bears a close resemblance to its Turkmen or Kazakh descendants but is made with appropriate materials and modern technology.


We thrive on the broad and varied range of clients who come our way; recent clients include: Greenpeace, Spitalfields City Farm, RSPB, Shropshire County Council, BBC, Amazona Zoo, Sustainability Centre, Cheltenham Yurt Hire, Yurtel, Edward Wilson School London, Dorrington Academy, The Yoga Garden, Adhurst Yurts, the Secret Yurt retreat... along with numerous other private individuals and families


"We wanted to say how pleased we are with our rooftop yurt and thank you! The nursery call it the 'magic house on the roof' and visit every week for circle time" Nicola Rogers, Edward Wilson School, London

"The yurt has been open for three weeks now and people really love it. Thanks again for your amazing work" Csaba Zagoni, Greenpeace.